Greenwash in the News

Selected articles and blogs on Greenwashing

December 7, 2008, San Francisco Chronicle
Wine greenwash: Does being green make better wine, or just better bragging rights?
By Andy Peay

November 20, 2008, The Guardian
BP and the myth of a world 'Beyond Petroleum'
By Fred Pearce

August 13, 2008, The Independent
Shell rebuked for 'greenwash' over ad for polluting oil project
By Martin Hickman

July 7-14, 2008, Newsweek
Green, or Greenwash?
By Temma Ehrenfeld

April 20, 2008, Philadelphia Weekly
Eco No-Nos - Going green? Better look past the label
by Alli Katz

April 18, 2008, Industry Week
Americans Feeling 'Greenwashed' - Survey says most U.S. adults believe companies exaggerate their environmental initiatives
By Jonathan Katz

April 18, 2008, Fort Collins Now
Earth Day: Doubting Do-Goodism - Green marketing is great as long as it's not false, misleading or overdone
By Andra Coberly

April 15, 2008,
When Is a Product Green? The EcoCapitalist
By Tom Zaky

April 2, 2008, BusinessGreen
Report: Greenwashing represents "failed strategy" - Be warned, the Blogosphere is watching
By BusinessGreen Staff

March 31, 2008, Neilson Online
BuzzMetrics study Online Consumers Call for Greater Transparency in Strategies for Environmental Sustainability

February 18, 2008, BBC Online
"Greenwash" is losing its shine
Viewpoint by Rebecca Swift

February 12, 2008,
Is Corporate Greenwashing Headed for a Fall?
By Phil Mattera, Corporate Research Project

November 30, 2007, New York Times Dot Earth blog
Six Sins of Greenwashing - a Primer
By Andrew C. Revkin

November 16, 2007, New York Times Dot Earth blog
A "Greenwash Brigade" Is on the Prowl
By Andrew Revkin

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